Warehouse Lighting

Normally, there is little or no sunlight in the warehouse environment. Special illumination are needed based on requirements of high ceiling structure and narrow channel between high shelves.

According to the real test that there should be about 300Lux on average to ensure workers read the labels, delivery notices and storage documents easily and accurately in the working area. The high ceiling, narrow channel and high-shelf warehouse needs the most demanding requirements of uniformity on vertical surface.

Also, the ceiling height is an important consideration factor for the warehouse lighting: use linear type lamp when height is less than 6 Meters, and use high bay light when height is more than 6 Meters. For high-shelf warehouse lighting, with wide and narrow double light distribution lamps can be used for heights up to 15 Meters or above. The anti-glare function can avoid the direct glare when workers looking up the shelf.

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