LED Linear Track Lights for Clothing Store

An innovative flexible track lighting system in clothing specialty store.

Clothing Store LED linear Track lights

1. Aimled’s Bricks series LED linear track lights

Main features:

  • Adopting universal track adaptor, compatible with multiple-brands European 3 circuits track.
  • Specially developed optic design for uniform, rectangle illumination without dark dots.
  • Easy for installation, convenient to position and reconfigured, flexible adaption to retail design changes.
  • Various light distribution with special reflector design . Luminaire can be rotated flexibly for particular lighting requirements.
  • Smart control: Remote-control dimming & CCT adjustment, motion sensor, daylight sensor are available.

Clothing Store LED Linear Track Lights-3

2.Typical clothing specialty store lighting area

The clothing specialty store lighting system can be divided into window display area, product display area, signboard area by lighting area, and can be divided into General lighting, accent lighting, effect lighting by illumination modes.

Clothing Store LED Track lights-2

3. Uniform general lighting

General display area of clothing stores usually use repeated stacking way to display the same series of different specifications of products, the light should be uniform and no dark areas. High CRI luminaires can restore original colors of the clothes better. As for traditional track lighting, strong contrast and visible dark area will be formed because of the symmetric light distribution and the narrow beam angle. With the Aimled’s latest Bricks series LED linear track lights, this problem can be solved very easily. Below is the comparison of lighting effect between conventional track lights(left) and the Bricks(right). 

Clothing Store LED Track lights-4

4. Remote control dimming and CCT adjustable

The clothing store usually updates the product series several times a year. Lighting creates a variety of moods that work in a simple manner with the new colors of the product. For example: the cool colors are applied in the spring product range, and the soft warm colors are used in the summer product range. Bricks series has the function of remote control dimming and CCT adjustable, you can easily achieve lamp color temperature from 3000K-6000K. Meanwhile, the remote dimming can adjust the brightness of the lamp from 10% -100% , which can save extra energy cost. 

Clothing Store LED Track lights-5

5. Motion sensor and daylight sensor

The application of smart control lighting in clothing store is mainly in the window area nearby the street. When daytime sunshine is strong, the Bricks series with daylight sensor will automatically perceive the natural light and automatically adjust the luminance to reduce the energy assumption. At night, especially when the pedestrian is rare in the mid-night, the microwave function for the Bricks series track light will show its advantage. The luminaire will automatically turn down when there is no people, and the brightness of the luminaire will be automatically increased when microwave sensor senses someone approaching, which will save lots of energy bills for the store owners.

Clothing Store LED Track lights 1