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Benefits of cooperative development mode?

Save time and money

The r&d cycle is shortened, and customers can get brand-new competitive products at the fastest speed.

Suppliers have lower operating costs and customers can get products at better and lower prices.

Avoid wasting resources

Customized design and on-demand supply are the future trends, and collaborative development of product mode can better respond to the market demands and avoid waste of resources.


Why Aimled?

Rich experience

We have many years of technical experience in the field of LED lighting. in addition to independent research and development of series products gain high recognition in the market, at the same time, we have serviced many customers to design customized products .


In addition to our professional structure and optical engineers team, we are also one of the few companies with industrial design teams in China. A good product should be the product of perfect form and function, and we have the ability to design good products that are different from others.

So, as we have rich experience and design ability in the field of LED lamps, and you know the market needs and changes very well, why not we work together as cooperative partners, and make a different product faster?

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