Clothing Store Lighting


Typical clothing stores can be divided into window display area, general lighting area, key lighting area, signboards and so on.

To provide customers with a bright, comfortable shopping environment, The general lighting area should have a homogeneous illumination. Also, the vertical illumination area of the wall requires uniformity too, clear dark area should not be in the clothing or wall. At the same time, there are many products updates every year in the store, different color temperatures can highlight the colors, textures and design themes of new products.

For example, you should use bright cool colors in spring, while soft warm colors in summer. CCT adjustable lamps can greatly reduce the cost of the store, without having to rebuild the shop, without adding lighting.

In the street window area can be applied to the latest daylight sensing and microwave sensing technology, during the day, the daylight sensor can automatically adjust the brightness of the lamp. At night, when there are few people in the street, motion sensor is a good way to reduce energy consumption.

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