Aimled is a young and progressive company. Founded in 2008,  our parent  company is the national high and new technology enterprise, which has a workshop area of 2600 square meters, 80 workers , and passed the ISO 9001 international quality management system certificate.

Since August 2016, brand ”AIMLED” was founded specially for the global LED industrial lighting and retail lighting market. With years of R&D and technology precipitation in the LED field, Aimled has launched LED High bay series, floodlight series and LED linear track light series in just one year, and has gained high recognition from customers and positive feedback from the market.

Being faced with increasingly homogeneous products and fierce competition in the market, our mission is to continue to launch innovative, unique and high-quality LED luminaires, and we expect our products can create great value to our customers.

Aimled’s Partner

Aimled has been maintaining a good relationship with first-class partners in China and aboard.

High product performance


1, Aimled has a complete specialized testing equipments, such as distribution photometer, integrating sphere tester, high and low temperature test box, salt spray test machine, spray tester, aging test car, weld testing equipment, etc. Every product will pass a series of harsh test before delivery.

2, Our products have received a variety of certification, like TUV, CB, CE, SAA, ROHS, PSE.

3, All of our products are original products, which have applied for a patent.

Fast Delivery

1, If you purchase the regular products of our company, and the quantity is below 200pcs, we promise to deliver the goods within 3-5 working days, as we have the finished product inventory.

2, If you purchase the regular products of our company, and the quantity is between 200pcs-5000pcs, we promise to deliver the goods within 7-15 working days, because we have sufficient raw material inventory.

3, For orders of more than 1000pcs, SKD can be used for fast delivery, which can shorten the delivery cycle and save the product cost, and can realize local production.

4,some of our products have the function of adjusting the color temperature, power, and the beam angle, so that you can carry out the batch reserve. A same luminaire can meet the requirement of color temperature, power and lighting angle of different projects, which can greatly save your time of delivery.

A letter to our friends

Hi, guys, I’m frank. People always ask me how I can make our products so attractive. It’s a hard question for me. For it’s just like how you can win the heart of your charming wife. Maybe two people can fall in love with each other at first sight. However, it is different from making a product. To create a perfect product, what you need is not only instant inspiration, but also some ideas in your mind. What’s more, you need to accumulate professional knowledge to perfect your products.  I always take my phone or bring some notebooks in my backpack in case I have some instant inspiration, then, I can write it down. I believe I will make my dream come true one day.

We have made our ”AIM”the moment we founded our LED brand ”AIMLED”. We will make every effort to make the unique and perfect products.

Once a friend of mine asked me why we don’t copy and then make some improvements or changes to make a product, just like what some other companies do. Because to him, insisting on original products is a lonely and hard road. To some extent, he is right, in order to get a creative idea, our design team has spent countless longly nights. However, we enjoy the process and are willing to insist. What we believe is that only the unique and high quality products can really create value for our customers.

The modern society is a sharing society. We are willing to share the ideas with our customers, and we are also looking forward to your suggestions about our products. Once your suggestions are adopted, we will provide you the latest samples for free.

Nowadays, AIMLED is looking for excellent cooperative partners worldwide. Hope our products can bring your surprises. And, look forward to sharing the values brought by our products with you.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Ye


Frank Ye,CEO of AIMLED



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